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✈️Powerslide 3X4 13.0 /3x125 Frame

✈️Powerslide 3X4 13.0 /3x125 Frame

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The world’s best inline racers rely on the POWERSLIDE 3X family of frames to win races, break records, and prove what’s really possible on inline skates. The POWERSLIDE 3X4 125 - 13 Black Gold is a new addition to the 3X family. Constructed of the highest quality aerospace aluminum and CNC machined to perfection, this high-performance frame is lightweight and incredibly strong, augmenting responsiveness and power transfer. With a length of 13 inches / 330mm and designed to roll on 3x125mm wheels, the frame gives skaters the perfect balance of speed and stability. The frame is engineered around the trusty 195 mounting standard, making it easy to connect the frame to your favorite racing boot. Skate fast, stable, and leave your competition in the dust you can do it all with the 3X4 125 - 13 Black Gold from POWERSLIDE.

Frame Mounting Standard: 195mm 2-point mounting

Frame Material: AL 7003 aircraft

Frame Manufacturing Process: Extruded and CNC machining

Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM): 13.0" / 330mm

Frame Setup: 3x125mm

Max. Wheel Size: 125mm

Frame Axles: Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, Torx T25

Frame Spacer: Built in and CNC machined

Included Accesssories: AL spacers, mounting screws, tool -Torx T25, stride control

Weight: 180g

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