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Powerslide Swell Bolt 110 - 3D Adapt Skates

Powerslide Swell Bolt 110 - 3D Adapt Skates

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This skates comes with Trinity Three Point Mount

A brilliant inline fitness skate that defies all the rules, it’s the POWERSLIDE Swell Bolt 110. The light, comfortable boot on the Swell Bolt 110 is engineered with new patented 3DAP® technology from MYFIT. Made of cast PU, this revolutionary technology molds perfectly to your foot, delivering control and comfort as you’ve never experienced before while reducing vibrations and improving performance. The upper portion of the boot is semi-clear and abrasion-resistant, protecting your foot during even the most intense workouts. The POWERSLIDE Swell Bolt 110 inline skate also includes air channels to improve breathability and ventilation even when you’re skating long and hard when the sun’s beating down on those hot days. This impressive fitness skate also has improved cushioning on the ankle, tongue, and inner sole to further improve comfort. And any athlete will appreciate the skate’s non-small feature that reduces odors. Complete with the TRINITY 3-point mounting system, you get a low center of gravity that improves stability and power transfer to the Elite AL cast frames rolling on high-performance UNDERCOVER Raw 110 wheels with Ultra High Rebound urethane, and WICKED freespin ABEC 9 chrome steel bearings, you get a fast, smooth ride every time. Striking style, high-performance, and a host of innovative features that bring your workouts to a whole new level, the POWERSLIDE Bolt 110 truly are one of the best 3-wheel inline fitness skates on the market. Find out for yourself.


  Skates are easier to roll and better for those who have experience in skating. The wheels are usually harder to reduce grip and increase roll time. Balls in the bearings are rounder for a smoother and increased speed.


  Fitness skates are recommended for those who want a comfortable and easy to use pair of skates. Fitness skates are soft boots with medium length frame for a balance of stability, agility and speed. It comes with plastic frame (for user weight <70kg) or aluminium frame (for user weight >70kg)


  Balanced set up means its right in between of stability and agility. You get the best of both with skates like this. 



Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic

New Nylon Shell with Flex Cuts

Power Knit Uppers

Woven for Snug Performance Fit

Power Welded Lace Eyelets

TPU Abrasion Resistant Side Panels and Toe

Trinity Mount:

Laterally Adjustable/Vertically Adjustable

Not Heat Moldable Boot

Adjustable Cuffs

WHEELS Undercover Raw White 110mm 85A

Liner with 3D Adapt padding made of PU(Not Removable)

Laces to the top

3 Layers: Lycra Material, PU Casted Material, Memory Fit Padding and Seamless Microfiber

Thinner foam to size down for better fit

Memory Foam Molds Naturally with Skate Time

Shock Absorbing Function

Fully Ventilated

MyFit Removable Footbed


Powerslide Elite 3x110mm, Aluminium

  • 3x110mm (Max 110mm)
  • One-Piece Construction
  • 243mm (EU38-41)
  • 270mm (EU42-47)
  • Standard Lacing
  • Cuff Buckle
  • Velcro 45 Degree Power Strap


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